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10 Incredible Tips for Replacing Meat with Seafood!

replacing meat with seafood
replacing meat with seafood

Replacing meat with seafood is an incredible way to reap health benefits while keeping your meals tasty and your family happy! Enjoy these top tips from Oceanbox!

Eating more seafood is a great way to add essential nutrients and healthy fats into your diet while reducing your carbon footprint and saving the lives of many land animals! Eating seafood as an alternative to meat offers numerous health benefits while also keeping your wallet happy! Compared to meat, seafood is a much leaner source of protein and contains fewer calories overall. Additionally, seafood can offer some protection from certain chronic diseases due to its anti-inflammatory properties. These are just a few benefits you reap by making the seafood switch!


While it might seem daunting to replace meat with seafood, it doesn't have to be! Plenty of easy tips can help you make the switch without feeling deprived. This blog post will explore ten tips for successfully replacing meat with seafood! Have fun making the transition to a healthier lifestyle with these simple steps!

10 Tips for Replacing Meat with Seafood!

1. Choose Sustainable Seafood.

When selecting seafood, it is essential to ensure that you choose sustainable options. Look for labels such as “eco-certified” or “wild caught” when purchasing fish and shellfish. Choosing sustainable seafood helps protect vulnerable marine species and ensures a healthy future for our oceans.


Oceanbox provides customers with the highest-grade seafood that is always responsibly packaged and sustainably sourced. Many protein options are available, and it's all shipped straight to your door! Many customers rave about our Wild Caught Seafood Box, which is stuffed with Wild Black Sea Bass, Halibut, Red Snapper, or Icelandic Cod for an exceptional price!

2. Make Seafood a Priority!

Making seafood a priority in your diet will help ensure you’re getting enough of it to reap the nutritional benefits. Make seafood the focus of one or two meals each week and supplement with plant-based proteins like legumes, beans, nuts, and seeds.


3. Experiment with Different Types of Seafood!

Trying different types of seafood can be a great way to keep your meals exciting and delicious. From salmon to shrimp, so many kinds of seafood can lend themselves to various flavors and cooking styles. Also, be selective when first introducing new fish dishes. Choose lighter fish that don’t have an overwhelming fishy taste for first-timers. 


Offering options is a great way to introduce more seafood to your family! Consider trying Oceanbox’s Ultimate Seafood Sampler. This box is filled with delicious selections like Red Snapper, Halibut, King Salmon, Bronzini, and Black Sea Bass. It is sure to please even the pickiest seafood eaters!

4. Get Creative with Cooking Methods.

There are many ways to cook seafood, from baking to grilling to poaching. Experimenting with cooking methods and recipes can help make nutritious and enjoyable seafood meals. Do your best to mix up your preparation methods whenever possible to add some flair! 

5. Try to Buy Fresh When Possible!

Buying frozen seafood isn’t always your best option for flavor, especially when trying to make the transition. While buying frozen isn’t the end of the world, investing in the fresher option can improve your family's and the ocean's long-term health.

6. Spruce Up Your Seafood Dishes with Herbs and Spices.

Adding herbs and spices to your seafood dishes can take them from boring to delicious in just a few minutes. Experiment with different seasoning combinations until you find ones that you enjoy. Using the spices you love in new ways can bring your seafood dinners to the next level!


7. Make it a Family Affair!

Involving your family in preparing and enjoying seafood can make it more enjoyable for everyone. Have each person choose their favorite type of seafood to cook and assign them a unique way to contribute to preparing the meal.

9. Get Creative with Leftovers.

Don’t let your leftover seafood go to waste! Use it in soups, chowders, and other dishes. You can also repurpose cooked seafood into something completely new, like fish tacos or a seafood salad.

10. Have Fun with It!

Finally, don’t forget to have fun with your seafood dishes! Invite friends for a seafood dinner party or challenge yourself to create a new recipe. When you are preparing seafood, the possibilities are endless, so get creative!

Why is Seafood a Healthier Protein when Compared to Meat?

Seafood like salmon, cod, and tuna contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids that provide essential nutrition for cardiovascular health and general well-being. Additionally, eating seafood helps to reduce your intake of saturated fats, which can raise cholesterol levels and ultimately increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. 


All in all, seafood is a much healthier dietary alternative to meat, with many health advantages in the long run!

Why Does It Matter Where You Source Your Family's Fish?

When it comes to consuming seafood, the source matters. Purchasing responsibly sourced seafood helps protect and conserve ocean ecosystems. It also helps ensure that your seafood dinner is as safe and nutritious as possible. A seafood dish sourced from a well-managed fishery is not only more sustainable, but it is also healthier than seafood caught in less regulated ways. 


Seafood harvested using unsustainable methods such as deep-sea bottom trawling may be contaminated with toxins such as mercury or high levels of bacteria, neither of which you want to serve your family for dinner. Therefore, when you're shopping for seafood for your next seafood dinner, remember to ask about the source of the seafood you are buying so that you can make sure it's a sustainable choice for your family.

Why Does It Matter Where You Source Your Family's Fish?

Replacing meat with seafood in your diet doesn’t have to be intimidating. With these ten tips for successfully replacing meat with seafood, you can feel good about the meals you're eating and make a positive impact on the environment at the same time. 

 To ensure you always bring the best seafood into your home, purchase from an established company like Oceanbox! Oceanbox offers customers the choice to purchase a single box or enroll in a flexible subscription plan so they can be fully stocked on sustainable, nutritious seafood every day of the week. Visit to uplevel your seafood experience! Enjoy!

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