How is my order packed?

We pack your products carefully in our special breathable package that helps maintain the integrity of the seafood. Each portion is individually packed in minimally sized cardboard boxes made from 100 percent post-consumer products. Within each box are biodegradable and non-toxic gel packs to keep the fish as fresh as can be without freezing. In warmer months, we'll replace the gel packs with dry ice.

Where is the seafood from?

Our seafood selections come from a network of trusted supplies that adhere to the highest standards. The sourcing locations for all our seafood can be found within the description of each selection.

Is the seafood sustainable?

If we could, we would make “sustainable” our middle name! Our suppliers must pass annual independent third-party audits to ensure that standards are being met. Rather than creating our own standards, we believe partnering with organizations who have well-established systems for evaluating fisheries is the most efficient and robust approach.

Is farmed fish bad for you?

No, quite the opposite! We only work with suppliers that meet our strict food safety and quality requirements. This means that our fish do not have any added colorants, chemicals, or other additives. In addition, we only purchase from suppliers that use an all natural, hormone-free, and antibiotic free diet (on farmed fish as wild fish do not have these issues).

What is your return/replacement policy?

Please contact our customer service team via chat or email us at

Please hang on to product and packaging as our customer service team may request clear photos to process a replacement. We do not accept returns.