Return Policy

 If there are any issues receiving your product, please contact support via our website chat or within 3 days of receiving your fresh seafood items and 7 days on frozen items.

Depending on the shipping and packaging circumstances, a full or partial refund or potential replacement will be issued at the discretion of OceanBox’s quality and control team.

In order to receive a full or partial refund, we may ask for product information, proof of sale and or photo or videos of the delivery issue.

You are responsible for checking the items for package deficiency and clear and excessive shipping and handling damages.  Our Fresh Seafood items are shipped in state of the air FDA breathable film, which allows the fish to arrive cool to the touch and perfectly fresh and safe for consumption. 

If the product has been severely delayed in the shipping process, please do not consume or discard the fish, and immediately contact

Un-Opened, Non Perishable products may be returned within 14 days of receipt.

Shipping and Handling


We ship fresh and frozen products, in certain instances packages will ONLY contain fresh OR frozen products. In other instances, fresh and frozen products may be shipped together provided proper packaging and coolant needs are met. Frozen and fresh items may need to be shipped separately depending on size and quantities.


Shipping Dates and Times

Shipping dates and times may vary based on weather conditions, 3rd party shipping carriers and product availability.

In order to provide the freshest catch, our seafood products may arrive slightly before or after the expected delivery date.  Our fresh products are sourced daily so we can bring you the exquisite flavor of premium quality seafood. 


 OceanBox may adjust, change or discontinue subscription prices, seafood products, options, shipping prices or shipping services at any time, based on socio-economic conditions. We will notify all subscribers via email on file, of any change prior to renewal of subscriptions.