about oceanbox

We deliver fresh, portioned and sustainable seafood straight from the dock to your door.

chef quality   We source from the same fishermen and purveyors who are trusted to provide the finest quality seafood to the world's most discerning chefs, giving home cooks access to fish previously exclusiveto top restaurants.

effortless   Our subscription plan makes clean, healthy, and protein-packed meals effortless. Each OceanBox contains individually portioned, ready to cook or freeze seafood. Simply unwrap, sauté, bake or broil and voila!

fresh   We use a unique, advanced breathable film packing technology to extend the shelf life of each fillet, ensuring fresher seafood on your table. By delivering straight from the docks to your door, our seafood arrives 3x fresher than fish at traditional grocery stores.

sustainable   Nine out of every ten creatures on earth live in the ocean. We think this is a pretty remarkable fact and have a humbling respect for our majestic oceans. We partner with the foremost sustainability experts to aid in creating better practices for preserving sustainable fisheries and ocean ecosystems.